Trump-Obamics. The Trump Doctrine is to reverse all Obama Era Actions.

The General election is not valid and Ted Cruz is not natural-born in America


HR 758 Stirs UP Cold War Fear Against Russia




Why Rick Santorum and The Republican Party Are Obessed With Pornography, Birth Control and Gay Marriage. They Want to Distract Voters with Bedroom Nonsense.

Megadeth Band Leader, Dave Mustaine, Doesn't Support Gay Marriage Because He Is A "Christian" and He Is Not Gay. Whoop de do de do.

Values Voters and Rick Santorum: The Reason Republicans Ignore Divorce While Banning Gay Marriage

Washington State Senate Passes Gay Marriage Equality Bill

Attorney General Rob McKenna opposes gay marriage in Washington state

Santorum vs. A Box of Rocks

Rick Perry condemns and judges gay Christians while pandering to the violent right wing Christian groups such as Robertson and Dobson

The 99% could win any election they wanted. We need a National referendum called the Congressional Reform Act. This could be the fingerprint of the OWS movement.

Occupy Wall Street protest: How to really annoy the banks and finance companies

The 2% is often the overlooked demographic

Tom Hayden offers extraordinary insight into evolution of Occupy Wall Street

This chart by Business Insider explains PERFECTLY the inequalities that have fueled the Occupy Wall Street movement

Occupy Wall Street or how about Occupy America: An example of how corporations are in bed with government agencies: resulting in death, drug overdoses and suffering to American citizens

Occupy Wall Street: Tacoma and Seattle have tremendous turnouts

Occupy Wall Street Movement: the poor are tired of the rich taking all the money

Tacoma judge forgets to order striking teachers back to work

When politicians blame Obama for the Bush mess

Michelle Bachmann: I think gays are from Satan. My views are clear.

Senator McDonald Comes Out For Gay Marriage With Awesome Quote

Bank of America Gets Foreclosed by Homeowner

The Meaning of Life

Albert Einstein on Military Patriotism, Religion

Newsy.com video story regarding Tennessee law that forbids cities from protecting gay citizens

American Family Association shows racist views against blacks

Newt gets glittered while signing book God in America. Holy Cow.

Newt Gingrich Press Release

Tap Tap Food Stamp Obama and Racist Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul presidential hopeful on liberty and civil rights

What do Sarah Palin and Wasilla have in common? Gays.

Rick Santorum thinks that  black people could learn something from white folk

 New Hampshire Republican Tea Party sees no problem with gay marriage

On the death of Osama bin Laden and Jerry Falwell

Birthers are going to want to know more about this recent release of the long form

Obama releases his long form birth certificate

New Hampshire Republican Tea Baggers say gay is ok

Is Rick Santorum Gay?

Rick Santorum: at it again with the blacks and Obama's bedroom

Republican senator speaks against the GOP homophobia

Rick Santorum complains about spreadingsantorum.com

Federal government threatens to shut down. who believes anything they say?

Bill Maher tells Obama to support gay marriage

Update on that poor Sheriff Sheiferdecker

Sarah Palin "workin it" in Israel

Letter to President Obama regarding Private Manning

Is Boener running for President

Sheriff Sheiferdecker makes Facebook anti-gay anti-jew slur

Mike Huckabee and the First Amendment

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