Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The General Election is not valid and Ted Cruz is not natural-born in America

By Maurice Lacunza

A President must be natural-born and
 a citizen of his state for at least 14 years
There is no provision in the Constitution for a general election by the populace. Article II, Section 1 describes the electoral process for choosing a President. Amendment XII expands on the electoral process. Article XXIII gives the right to vote for electors for President without hindrance due to tax liability. Otherwise, there is no description for a general Presidential election and thus it has no legal standing.

Three balloons and a tamborine away
 from his own gay parade

Further, the author intended that the candidate be natural-born; not in a foreign country such as France or England. Canada was owned by England in 1763 and continued its ties until Canada completely become sovereign beginning in 1867 and finalized in the Canada Act of 1982- yes 1982. The safeguard was to insure that the President was a natural-born bona fide citizen, -of the new Republic. Thus Ted Cruz constitutionally is ineligible to be President. Born in Canada, he was given Canadian citizenship. Because his mother was American, he was given a secondary citizenship. However, that accreditation is not predicated on natural-born. The courts often interpret the Constitution with an eye towards an evolving citizenry, so it is hard to say what the Supreme Court would rule. My guess is that it will be an interesting legal case if Cruz is nominated for the Republican Party presidential candidate.

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