SKY'S BIG DAY. The Day I Had to Put My Dog to Sleep.


By Maurice Lacunza

 I am posting this story for the sake of my friends.  Sky was 16 yrs old- and he was suffering. I carried him everywhere. I didn't care. I would carry him upstairs and back down. Then one day,  Sky looked me in the eye and I knew...he wanted to stop suffering. I made the decision. My son Jason watched me cry for two days. He said if Sky sees you crying, he is going to think he did something wrong. Sky was faithful and loyal to you his whole life. Don't let him go out thinking he has displeased you.  Quit crying and Buck up! You can cry later.  I am so glad that I took that advice. My dog would leave this life with a happy and loving friend at his side. This is Sky's story about his Big Day Sept. 5, 2006.

Today, Sky had his Big Day.

Sky has a cousin
It started with Sky and I laying on the floor together, on Sky's favorite rug. I told him it was going to be his Big Day! That he gets to run free without a leash and no more wearing his harness! I reminded him of when he used to go out the back door and run down the alley—without our neighbor bugging or yelling at us!
I told him that his legs would work like new and he will jump up high like he did when we lived on the farm in Milton. I told him to find a river for us to swim in and don’t forget to mark the territory! I told him that it was a Big Day for him and I expect him to run and play.

You See Dad, What happened was...
 I found these on the ground
I said that he should be on the look out for me because I would be along shortly. While we lay there, I praised him for being such a good puppy and such a happy dog. I said that I like happy dogs! Then I said that I could see green grassy fields in the distance with blue skies with the sun shining bright on a clear day. I asked, could you see it too Sky?

Then, Sky saw something far away in the grassy fields. We both ran over to see
Grassy Fields In Heaven
what it was and it was a fence! I looked at Sky and said, What? A fence in Heaven? You better jump over it Sky! I told him again what a wonderful dog he was and so loving to everyone.

Dog Friends in Heaven
I told him he will have
 lots of dog friends in heaven because I took a poll of all the dogs in the world and they agreed that Sky was number One. I did mention that Cris T.'s dog, Sammy, strangely enough also polled number one, but surely, that was a fix because everyone knows that Sky has always been number one.

Into The Sunset Of Sky's Life
We laughed and I kissed him on the head and told him he was the best, he was my angel, Daddy’s precious angel who loves you so very much! I said, Now go play and run because I expect you to go have fun. Then I said, Who loves you? That’s right, I do! Then I said, Who’s your daddy? Me! Who was your nurse last year? Me again! And that’s because you’re my little precious angel!  Yes you are!

Who Loves You?

I said I love you Sky with all my heart. You are such a wonderful dog! I was lying next to him with my arms around him and I praised him. I thanked him for loving me so much and I gave him a kiss. I told him to look for Pierre and Bertha too.

At that point, his eyes were rolling in the back of his head from the anesthesia.

Windows to the Soul
Suddenly he looked at me straight in the eye with complete focus. I felt him say Thank you for loving me so much! I said, it’s OK Sky, you asked for my permission to leave, and I gave it. Now you go and have a good time running and playing. If you see God, ask him to lay off of me, or I might have to get out my big stick! No, don’t do that Sky! I laughed and kissed him again.

Sky's Big Day

I praised him and reassured him that he was a good dog and how much I just love him. He died within minutes and the medicine made him howl as a wolf does. The vet warned me that this only happens with wolves. His feet will also begin to kick as if he were actually running. Even though his feet are running, he is actually dead. This was something that only wolves do when they die, as if running towards heaven.

Sky and Dad
But Sky did not really die. He went to heaven to mark it like I told him and to have fun until I got there.
This was Sky’s Big Day and I will surely be happy when I see him again. Sky, you are the best dog I ever had. Thank you for loving me. Dad.


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