SKY'S BIG DAY. The Day I Had to Put My Dog to Sleep.


By Maurice Lacunza
 I am posting this story for the sake of my friends.  He was 16 yrs old and he was suffering. I carried him everywhere. I didn't care. I would carry him upstairs and back down. Then one day,  Sky looked me in the eye and I knew...he wanted to stop suffering. I made the decision. My son Jason watched me cry for two days. He said if Sky sees you crying, he is going to think he did something wrong. Sky was faithful and loyal to you his whole life. Don't let him go out thinking he has displeased you.  Quit crying and Buck up! You can cry later.  I am so glad that I took that advice. My dog would leave this life with a happy and loving friend at his side. This is Sky's story about his Big Day Sept. 5, 2006.

Today, Sky had his Big Day.

Sky has a cousin
It started with Sky and I laying on the floor together, on Sky's favorite rug. I told him it was going to be his Big Day! That he gets to run free without a leash and no more wearing his harness! I reminded him of when he used to go out the back door and run down the alley—without our neighbor bugging or yelling at us!
I told him that his legs would work like new and he will jump up high like he did when we lived on the farm in Milton. I told him to find a river for us to swim in and don’t forget to mark the territory! I told him that it was a Big Day for him and I expect him to run and play.

You See Dad, What happened was...
 I found these on the ground
I said that he should be on the look out for me because I would be along shortly. While we lay there, I praised him for being such a good puppy and such a happy dog. I said that I like happy dogs! Then I said that I could see green grassy fields in the distance with blue skies with the sun shining bright on a clear day. I asked, could you see it too Sky?

Then, Sky saw something far away in the grassy fields. We both ran over to see
Grassy Fields In Heaven
what it was and it was a fence! I looked at Sky and said, What? A fence in Heaven? You better jump over it Sky! I told him again what a wonderful dog he was and so loving to everyone.

Dog Friends in Heaven
I told him he will have lots of dog friends in heaven because I took a poll of all the dogs in the world and they agreed that Sky was number One. I did mention that Cris T.'s dog, Sammy, strangely enough also polled number one, but surely, that was a fix because everyone knows that Sky has always been number one.

Into The Sunset Of Sky's Life
We laughed and I kissed him on the head and told him he was the best, he was my angel, Daddy’s precious angel who loves you so very much! I said, Now go play and run because I expect you to go have fun. Then I said, Who loves you? That’s right, I do! Then I said, Who’s your daddy? Me! Who was your nurse last year? Me again! And that’s because you’re my little precious angel!  Yes you are!

Who Loves You?

I said I love you Sky with all my heart. You are such a wonderful dog! I was lying next to him with my arms around him and I praised him. I thanked him for loving me so much and I gave him a kiss. I told him to look for Pierre and Bertha too.

At that point, his eyes were rolling in the back of his head from the anesthesia.
Windows to the Soul
Suddenly he looked at me straight in the eye with complete focus. I felt him say Thank you for loving me so much! I said, it’s OK Sky, you asked for my permission to leave, and I gave it. Now you go and have a good time running and playing. If you see God, ask him to lay off of me, or I might have to get out my big stick! No, don’t do that Sky! I laughed and kissed him again.

Sky's Big Day

I praised him and reassured him that he was a good dog and how much I just love him. He died within minutes and the medicine made him howl as a wolf does. The vet warned me that this only happens with wolves. His feet will also begin to kick as if he were actually running. Even though his feet are running, he is actually dead. This was something that only wolves do when they die, as if running towards heaven.

Sky and Dad
But Sky did not really die. He went to heaven to mark it like I told him and to have fun until I got there.
This was Sky’s Big Day and I will surely be happy when I see him again. Sky, you are the best dog I ever had. Thank you for loving me. Dad.               published June 29, 2011

Maurice Lacunza


  1. Maurice, This is what my friend Malinda wrote back about Sky's Big Day. Thought you might like to know what she thought. Terri.
    Oh goodness Terri, that was so beautiful. I felt every word. A flood of tears came when I read the third line where Maurice wrote, "It is our last moments together Sept. 5, 2006." Lily's birthday is September 5th. Born in 2004. Hard to believe she is only 6 years old and has been through so much in her short life.

    I am at the shop right now. I've been coming in early to complete the cakes so I can return home in time for Tom to come to work so Lily is not alone.

    Today will be Lily's Big Day.

    We have decided passing peacefully at home is not always as peaceful as it may seem. She is so weak ... her poor little body is telling us it is time.

    The veterinary hospital told us to call when we are about to leave the house and they will be ready for us.

    When I left the house she had crawled into her crate and actually looked calm and restful. I pray she sleeps away before going to the vet but she has been so resilient. Wherever this cancer is in her body, I don't think its her heart or lungs because they are working full time.

    Thankfully we have enough helpers working today that Tom and I do not have to come in to work at the shop tonight. We're going to need some time.

    Thank you for caring about Lily and please send a special "Thank You" to Maurice.

    We'll talk again soon.

    M, Tom & Lily

  2. That was beautiful and now you have made me cry. Sky was a lucky dog to have you for his Daddy.

    Here is a picture of our dog, Buck. He is a big boy at 91 lbs.


  3. Thanks Maurice. Such a beautiful death! Death is natural. I waited to long to do the deed with my last dog and that was a mistake. It is so hard to let go.

  4. David_H
    Thank you so much for your story. Amid all the pain, suffering and misery that fills the news, you made my day with your tale of companionship and unconditional love. And for offering the sound words of advice that will I believe touch everyone who loves their pets and reads your story.

  5. Muffin the magnificent Lhasa and my constant companion. She was 19 when she let me know it was time.

    That was marinara sauce on her chin which she insisted on taste testing.

  6. ozoneocean
    Personally I'm a cat person. They live two or 3 times longer than most dog breeds so you put off those inevitable tragedies a bit longer. But the sadness hits as hard in the end regardless... There's no way to avoid it. Very sorry for your loss man.

  7. ccmusicnights
    Thank you for sharing this poignant story about Sky (and Lily) and your wonderful photo tribute ....I'm sorry for your loss(es) ~ it's cathartic to share about it - thanks also to the other posters who have shared their stories ....

  8. This is from my friend:

    Lily passed away at 2:55 PM at the R B Veterinary Hospital.
    We can take comfort knowing it truly was her time. The doctor came in to talk to us as Lily was in the other room having the catheter placed into her front arm. She reviewed Lily's records and examined her. Told us the cancer had grown to another large mass in her abdomen and to ease our sadness by telling us we did the right thing by bringing her in.
    We had our crying moments as the procedure progressed but became calm and at peace as Lily look relaxed for the first time in so many weeks and I remembered what your friend Maurice wrote and stayed strong and the friend Lily needed in her last moments.
    The hospital let us bring her home to bury. That was another comfort to us. She is now next to Daly under the cedar tree in the back yard.
    How nice of Maurice to put Sky's story on his website in honor of Lily! He is a special person.

  9. wolfess
    Humphrey lived to 13 -- with diabetes those last few years -- but right b4 we put him to sleep he wandered out into the street in front of our house and since he couldn't see or hear anymore I had to go out and get him. I decided at that moment it was kinder to put him to sleep than have him hit by a car.
    His brother Angus joined him 1 year later. After the vet had given him the shot I told him to go play with Humphrey and save a place at Rainbow Bridge for Mommy and Daddy.

  10. milojacks

    Very touching story. On the day I had to put my dog Jacks to sleep it was like I was walking through a surreal dream. I couldn't handle the idea that they were going to just throw him in the orange dumpster behind the vets office. So I signed an affidavit that I would not bury him in that county and drove him to a favorite woods that we had shared together many times.
    Now every time I visit his resting place I bring a dog treat and some tobacco (a first peoples tradition) to leave with him. He really showed me what my ancestors meant when they told the story of dog.

    The Great Spirit decided to divide the worlds of animal and man so he gathered all the living beings on a great plain and drew a line in the dirt. On one side of the line stood man --- on the other side stood all of the animals. And that line began to open up into a great crevasse - and at the last moment before it became unreachable, dog leapt over and stood by man

  11. samthesixth
    OMG! That beautiful merle looks like my old aussie shep!

  12. 20thsieclefox
    nice article, thanks for sharing..

    Animals are part of the family!

  13. nobsartist

    I cant bear to read it but i will. go rescue another one , its the best cure.
    Lakota is playing at the rainbow bridge

  14. dalistuff
    A good tear jerker! thanks for the post ML

  15. grammabet
    Sitting here trying to type with tears in my eyes isn't that easy.My niece breeds Peekapoos.She told me I needed one because I live alone. NO!! too much trouble.She bought me one down,got up in my lap and such licking and showing such love.Hard as I tried,couldn't resist.Smart dogs.When he'd be in the yard he'd stand up and bark at other dogs like he was inviting them in.I told my niece,she said I needed another one so Adam,first born,could have company.When Adams mother had her third litter,my niece bought me another, Deuce,couldn't think of anything for 2 or second so Deuce.Full of energy,beautiful,instant love again for me,I think Adam felt less excited than me,Deuce was fringeing on is territory.Eventually the adjustment was made.Adam did something and I put him in his cage for a timeout.Deuce laid there beside him then would come and look at me. Finally he took his paw and tried to open the door.Amazing how bright and super loyal.Deuce enjoyed either annoying me or as Shelly said he wanted to smell good,he rolled around in my flowers.Deuce died almost two weeks ago,a kidney problem.I'm thankful for the love he bought to me and Adam.Adam's mourning also,looking for him at the spots they frequented,then gets in my lap.i've never had a dog that died,it's painful.Shelly wants me to take another one,I can't you get so attached.I know this too will pass but I'm still in the mourniing mode so is Adam.People are devious by nature,dogs aren't.Shelly buried him with some of his favorite toys.Dog lovers understand,rather animal lovers.Condolences to all who've lost a pet,four legged family member..Thanks for the posting.Maurice. Feel a little better now since talking about my honey

  16. kennymotown
    Very touching post that brought tears to my eye's. My brother had to put down his two Labs at the same time almost 2 years ago, Lucy my Dog still looks for them when we go see my brother. They are our companions for only so long, many are healers in their own marvelous ways. Thanks for posting! :(

  17. mspray11
    They have the most unconditional love that we will ever find.

  18. Wicks934
    Thank you so much for this post and everyone else for sharing. If it weren't for the my first dog, I wouldn't be here today. She saved my parents and me from being accidentally gassed, when we went to bed and the pilot light was out and the gas kept flowing. When woke us up baking incessantly.

  19. Thanks for sharing your story. Being 56 and an animal lover, I have walked several of my friends into heaven. They were good friends indeed. They were like family.

    I am sorry for your loss.

  20. Aww.... paws of thanks for this great post.

    Dogs are so easy to love. They bring us so much joy because they're so loyal and unconditional.

    The link is great; I enjoyed the wonderful photo memories of you and your precious Sky very much.

    {{hugs}} to those who lose their best friend(s) like Sky.

    Misty-eyed Tanz.♥

  21. I just went thru this with my own dog. Sara...was her name...Sara..anything but plain and tall. She wasn't the brightest..but she was the best. I had to have her stretchered into the vets...I knew that it was bad..but, I didn't let myself think the worst. It was the last time she would be home. Her gianormous heart gave out...I will miss her. She wasn't pedigree'd. She wasn't anything but a good and loyal friend..and that's A LOT.

  22. thanks for sharing this story maurice, I love dogs.

  23. Thanks for sharing your story, Maurice. Truly wonderful to read this in the middle of all the shit going on in the world. I don't have a pet currently, our apt. is no pets allowed. But I grew up with dogs and so did my husband. They are such good companions. I love animals in general. They are better than most people. I love the pic of your dog. Beautiful.

  24. For 18 years, my twin kitties would head for the bedroom - stopping to ask me if I was following. I always told them "I'll be right there." When I had to help them leave this world I held each and kept telling them that I'll be right there. I'm sorry for your loss - our furry friends become very special to us.

  25. I've been through this a couple of times. I appreciate the "no cry" suggestion. Like you, in our house this is called "special bye bye." When my son was about 4, we had to put down a favored dog, Ranger. The child was told that Ranger left to go to "college in France," which has now became a family euphamism for death.

  26. A very touching and beautiful story. I have had Dog friends most of my life. My 7 yr old Nikka is the light of my eyes, the entire family is deeply involved with her. She is healthy , and vibrant, every so often I think what it will be like when she goes. Thank you for posting this story. +^d

  27. I am so moved by your story of the last day with your friend. It reminds me of the last day with a dear friend of mine (I fed him filet mignon the night before) and the coming in the near future last day (that I am not prepared for) with my 14 year old border collie. I am not sure who was luckier, Sky or you. A double Scooby snack for your Sky!

  28. samthesixth:
    I can relate. They are friends to the end, and for me just like a human only more reliable.
    I love my Nikka. She's a 7 yr old Pit Bull. The sweetest dog friend I have ever met. She and her brother followed one of my sons home one day, they were 7 weeks old. We went door to door until we found the "owners?" they were grateful, and offered to give us the female, we accepted. Best decision of the last 7 years.

    Enjoy your friend Sam.



  29. ZiggyStrange:
    Hi Zig,

    Your Nikka sounds like my Zora. She is 100% unconditional love. I thought I was lucky to have my wife, but Zora never even "gently reminds me of the error of my ways" r.e. what I am eating, or reading, or listening to.

  30. samthesixth:
    Friends like that are a blessing. Nikka only objects when I send her upstairs during summer. I like the temp at about 64 degrees. Nikka decided that's her preferred temp also,
    She won't eat bread unless it has lots of butter, not margarine, and she refuses to eat cold cuts. She wants human food. She gets really excited when she hears "Happy Birthday", and takes full part in the celebrations. She understands English, Spanish, and Russian. She only bites mice, and she is the best watchdog I ever had since my Great Dane who left us in 1980. Dax was a Champ sired big boned black Dane, over 200 lbs and over 7 feet on his hinds. He could snip the top of my head when his paws were on my shoulders. I'll send you a pic of both to your email. I also raised 2 Timber Wolves upstate NY for 6 years. Wonderful friends. I used to hunt with 2 full grown Wolves. It was an amazing part of my life. These 2 guys were unbelievably smart, and very self determined.
    I also felt very safe with them around. My neighbors steered clear of my property.
    They ware behind a 6 ft fence they could clear with a leisurely hop. I love canines, I wish we were more like them.

  31. ZiggyStrange:
    Whenever we were at a camp or gathering away from home, Sky would identify which cars belonged there. He knew when to sound the alarm when someone new or different car came to camp. He marked our block with his scent and no dog challenged him. He loved everyone and he especially loved me even when I would get upset with him from time to time. I can't tell you how I regret ever getting mad at him. He would have laid down his life for me. Wolves have a sense of familial care that is unprecedented. Thanks for sharing your story.

  32. MauriceLacunza:
    Thank you. They are wonderful beings, and deserve to be considered family. I have some family members that I would pick my dog over in a NY minute.I'm a scientist, and I completely disagree with conventional thinking on their brain process. They know what's going on, they love, the become offended, they grieve, and like you said will lay their life down for you without a thought. Unconditional love and devotion. So much we could learn from them

  33. samthesixth:
    I met a guy in Delaware who bred Akitas,beautiful puppys.He said my dogs don't ask me where I've been when I come in at 3AM,whose lipstick is on your collar,etc.He said he decided to send his girlfriend back to her parents and kept his dogs.He was serious,made me laugh.

  34. MauriceLacunza:
    Thank you for posting, I myself have two 4 legged family members that are my life savers. I suffer from severe depression and social anxiety, and just by having them near it brings joy and comfort. My dog Pepper a 8 yo hound mix is my motivation for forcing myself out when I just don't want to move, I take him on two mile walks daily and weather permitting to the beach. He knows when I'm in a "mood" and comes and sits with me. I'm also diabetic and when my sugar levels drop he will frantically nudge me and get my attention so I get up and get juice to raise my sugars. As well he is a bed hog lol. My 12 yo cat Samanth aka. Queen B!@ch due to the fact she despises other animals lol. she sleeps curled up next to my head and purrs me to sleep. There is truly something soothing in a cats purr. I have animals all my life and I too have have had loss, and so I understand.

  35. TDK729:
    Wow, tdk, as a person with Asperger's my dogs do the same for me. Yesterday, when it was too hot for them to go with me I felt empty and nervous without them on the way to the doctor. The dog pictured as my avatar risked his life defending me from a javelina and has a giant scar up is chest. He will be hard to let go but, I will take the OP's hint in mind [hopefully many years from now].

  36. skybluskyblue:
    Just like the life of a human, a beloved pet is much the same loss is loss, and it's hard when anyone dies to see life without them. In your heart you know they only wish happiness for you and that's obvious by the happiness they showed you while they were alive. The happy times live on in your heart and mind and will never be forgotten or replaced but in due time you will find happiness again and that will just add to the happiness that will never be forgot by the loss of a loved one

  37. JImmyjumpnjive:
    Thats funny. When I was in college, whenever we left the house, my roommate used to tell the cat, "We're just going out for milk." France. Same thing. Thanks for sharing that.

  38. Leen61:
    Thank you leen61. I wasn't sure if readers would appreciate it or not; but they clearly feel the same feelings I do for their pets. There are some very touching stories here today. Thanks to everyone for sharing your story about your pet. I appreciate it very much.

  39. TanzaniteDiamonds:
    Misty-eyed...I know. Re-living this story for publishing was hard. A lot of tears. Of joy and love. Thank you.

  40. grammabet:
    I feel your sorrow and loss and I am sorry for you. The bright side is that you had so much love and acceptance during the time Deuce was with you. God bless you.

  41. nobsartist:
    I am glad you read it. Your dog is beautiful. I am sure they are playing together at the rainbow bridge. Thank you for sharing Lakota's picture.

  42. milojacks:
    That was very nice to share with me about Jacks. Thank you very much.

  43. The Parable of Immortality
    by Henry Van Dyke

    Standing upon the seashore, a ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength. I stand and watch her until at length she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky come to mingle with each other. Then someone at my side says: "There, she is gone!"

    "Gone where?" Gone from my sight. That is all. She is just as large in mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my side and she is just as able to bear her load of living freight to her destined port. Her diminished size is in me, not in her.

    And just at the moment when someone at my side says: "There, she is gone!" there are other eyes watching her coming, and other voices ready to take up the glad shout: "Here she comes!"

    This holds true for all of God's ideas--they are unchanged in their perfection, and always safe in God's loving care.


    Scott & Kathryne

  44. Thank you for sharing your story. I too lost my best friend a year ago on 6/24, the pain hasn't subsided, I still cry every time I think about him. Smokey was diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer in 2008 and was given 6 months to live. He was 10 years old so we opted not to submit him to chemo. He lived almost two years after the diagnosis, had multiple surgeries, and like you it reached a point that I had to carry him everywhere... but I didn't mind.

    One morning he woke up and fell out of the bed (he slept with me) and couldn't get up, he wouldn't eat, or leave my side. I called the vet and explained that he seemed to be gasping for air and I could hear a gargling sound when he tried to breathe. It was a Thursday, and I couldn't stand the though of him dying by suffication; I made the most difficult decision of my life to have he put to sleep.

    The vet came to my house, and I held him the entire time, until he took his last breath... the whole time I was looking into his eyes and whispering into his ears that I loved him.

    I had him cremated to keep him close to me. I was incredibly surprised to find the funeral home expressed the same concern they would if a human had passed. Everyone was very understanding.

    My pain will never stop, maybe it will ease over time, but that time has not come. He grew up with me, and taught me how to love.

    I adopted another Weimaraner several months later. Initially I was afraid I would resent him, but he has taught me that I have enough love for both of them.

    I hope your friend can find peace, but I know that is easier said than done.


  45. attilatheblond
    To all who have lost, or face the lost of a dear fur friend, there is a book called "Goodbye, friend" that might bring some small comfort.

    And to all of us, I offer a prayer said over all my beloved fur pals:
    Thank you for being better than me and trying to patiently show me how to be better myself. Thank you for the love, understanding, forgiveness and joy. Thank you for making my life matter in such a personal way.

    Now we part for now and you shall be missed more than we both could imagine. Go and be free of burdens old age brought. Go and be joyously free. But know there is a hole in my heart, and it is the size of you.

  46. You all see Tucker as my avitar (love him to death) but before him was Dane. Dane was 80 lbs. of hair shedding joy. I still miss him to this day. Dogs have a way of filling up the empty spaces in our life and giving us unconditional love. Eventhough you Beloved Sky is no longer with you in life he will always be a part of your heart.

  47. Dixie, on the right is getting older and she's starting to feel it more and more now. Dixie does not run much now----and her left rear leg is starting to drag a little when she walks. She lags behind more now, and when she tries to run, it is nothing like the tireless ground eating trot she used to have.

    Yesterday, she went out with Riga and I to go on the morning walk. She just sat down and looked at me with sad eyes. I asked her, "What do you want to do?" She turned and looked back at the door----so I went and opened the door and she went back in and laid down. The first time ever in her life, this dog who has traveled the world with me, and never once did not go somewhere that I went, went back in and laid down. I think she was telling me that taking me for walks is now Riga's job.

    I think the time is creeping up when Dixie will join Enka(the Weimaraner on the left in the photo) and Sky.

    I know how you feel Maurice. But no matter how much everything else fails, the love never does.

  48. My Moses. This was for a Easter Card the last year he was with us.

    Did I mention he was game for anything? We dressed him up in a Pee Wee Herman outfit for Halloween one year for a party we had. He was the star of the party!

  49. When my beloved Chessie, Moses, was euthanized, I looked him straight in the eyes and said "Remember me, and keep a lookout for me. I'll meet you on the other side."

    I wish you an easy a path as possible through your grief for Sky. I'm sure it is what he would want. He loved you so much.

    Maybe when we get to the other side, we'll see Sky and Moses playing together! Now that lifts my heart.

  50. PoliticalAmazon:
    That is awesome. My favorite dog, Bo, visits my wife in her dreams. I have not been so lucky, but I so miss him and it has been 14 years since we parted.

  51. PoliticalAmazon:
    When we buried Louie Cat, a shelter cat my daughter adopted and let me and my new husband take with us, as Havoc would have been so lost without him, I asked him to find us again. I meant after we had each gone through 'the door'. I clipped a lock of my husband's hair, sprinkled it on Louie and whispered "find him". Clipped a lock of my own hair and said "find me"

    A couple weeks later, a friend's cat had kittens. Two months later, she insisted I come out, "just to see them". I was not ready, even though the 90 Pound Hound was really missing the last of his old cat buddies. But there was one kitten that caught my eye. Try as I may to reach out and pick it up, another kitten kept reaching up and grabbing my hand.

    The dog liked the grabby cat. The dog almost turned cartwheels, no easy feat for a big Golden, when he realized that kitten was going home with us. He was so good to her and so happy.

    Turns out, she exhibits all of Louie's peculiar traits. Louie loved my husband from the moment they met, and he had ALWAYS been standoffish with men, having been abused before he came to live with my daughter and I. My husband told me of a cat he used to ski with in Austria, and another before that who thought he was her pet boy when he was a kid.

    Maybe they find us throughout our lives. Maybe they find us to keep watch over us and let us know we are loved and cherished, good days or bad days.

    I hope Moses finds you, one way or another, one place or another. And I hope when you walk through the door, you are greeted by a lifelong friend. Love is energy and energy does not die when the vessel wears out.

  52. While I never had to make such a difficult decision, having lost my companion of 16yrs recently I can empathize with everyone who has ever lost a beloved pet. The final gift she gave to me was to spare me having to decide, but I know if I am faced with that decision in the future I will take your advice to heart. While the pain of loss is hard to take, it is nothing compared to the joy and love received during the time we have with our friends

  53. I'm sure your friend will find it an immense comfort. I cant tell you just how much I have benefited from the reaffirmation that love exists among people that your story has brought me. Thank you for that Maurice.

    btw... I couldn't get this pic to post with my second comment, but if you would care to have a look this is my lost companion Tiger

  54. tears fall at the loss of your beloved Sky, and the other precious ones on this thread...I know my "Sockies" will one day wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge...she saved my life in so many ways...

  55. ozoneocean:
    I had to euthanize Moses, who had been my best pal for 13 years, and then less than a month later I had to euthanize Beensie, my best cat pal for 17 years.

    I thought I was going to lose my mind with grief.

  56. milojacks:
    What a beautiful photo. What a beautiful friend you had

  57. milojacks:
    That story of Dog always made perfect sense to me and I choose to believe it. Thank you for sharing that here with all of us. And thank you so much for sharing a bit of your beloved Jack. What a lovely dog/friend. How lucky you were to get to walk with him for part of your life.

    They are, perhaps, the greatest blessing.

  58. This is Lily. The beloved dog that went home yesterday to wait for her family. Thank you Lily for being such a great dog to those whom you loved. They loved you back.

  59. Beautiful Lily,resembles our Deuce a little,the tan on the ears.Lily looks like Adam and Deuce would look 5am staring me in the face wanting to go out.Miss his love and chewing up things,my phone wire,anything he wanted, I got a little perturbed when he got my bottom dentures out of the cup.I thought he was chewing on his bone until I looked.Cracked the plate in half.It was my fault should have put them in the medicine cabinet.They can be replaced.Beautiful,beautiful Lily.Thank you for the picture.

  60. Laura Bogart,
    I understand your feelings completely. Please read the story I wrote after I had to put my dog to sleep. I think it is important that we consider the manner in which our pets (and humans too) leave this life. This applies to folks who have to give their animals up for adoption. I hope you read this story because it will help when that Big Day inevitably arrives. Thanks for sharing your story also.

  61. In memory of Maggie, Chip and Lisa's dog in Missoula, MT.


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