Monday, December 8, 2014

HR 758 Stirs UP Cold War Fear Against Russia

By Maurice Lacunza
We the People disagree with HR 758!

In regards to the recent passage of HR 758 that condemns Russia, this document lays a foundation of fear and distrust against Russia that could lead to military conflict or another cold war. Ask your Senator to speak out against House Resolution 758.  HR 758 create fear without reason;  it is dangerous and it is inflammatory. Click here to call your Senator and voice your opinion.

A cold war may be instigated by this document. It is written by elected officials under the control of corporate interests who want to take oil from the East and make money off of war. Greed masquerading as fear has no place in a modern society.

Big Money is the real problem.
 Usually these conflicts are all about money and how corporations can get more of it. Corporate leaders convince Congress that Russia is a problem. These companies say that oil, coal and gas are threatened by Russia.  They stir up non-existent problems and bring nations to war; and then the wheels of commerce grab the natural resources of those countries. We must make Russia our ALLY and not our enemy. 

Wake up America. Call your Senator and ask them to respond to this Resolution with a counter statement. In Washington state, you can call Senator Patty Murray at 202-224-2681. Tell her that the Senate should publicly chastise the House and that
HR 758 must be rebuked and discredited by the Senate.

Russian families are like you and me.

Russia is no different than you or I. We all want to put food on our tables, drive our cars, go out on weekends and spend our days and weekends with our friends. Russia is no different.
Putin is not the enemy. He is vilified so that America will be "afraid" and thus support the false flag that Russia is evil.
Americans were deceived by Iraq and now the House of Representatives want to sell you the idea that Russia is a threat.
Don't buy into it. Call your Senator today. 

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