Saturday, September 3, 2011

When Obama is blamed for the crashed economy: replace Obama with Bush

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Bush leaving the White House:
Hehheh. I got these here earrings!
I was reading an article about the dire straights of our economy. Mitt Romney and that other guy I don't care to remember his name, Rick Perry, said that Obama had "failed" to stop the recession. I had an epiphany at that moment. If someone is blaming Obama for the economy, then they must have another agenda because everyone KNOWS that this economic crisis began with George Bush. Why blame Obama then? Because the hidden agenda isn't too help America, it is to further their own SELFISH agenda: getting elected. Bastards.

If you blame Obama, instead of Bush, then you have a skewed perception of what happened to the American economy.

By Maurice Lacunza


  1. The debt built up that is said to be paid by our children and grand-children, is coming due now. This is not a econmonic crisis. this is starting to live within our means

  2. Thanks! I thought I was the only one who figured this out. (Duh!)