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Letter to Dr. Laura about Leviticus and Scene from West Wing dealing with Bible Bashers

Tennessee House approves Bill to ban the word GAY in schools. Also, legislators are told to not bring chickens and goats to the Capital anymore.

Is Rick Santorum Gay? Santorum Pledges To Reinstate Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Why is Rick Santorum obsessed with gays?

Gay Sex still illegal in 4 states: Montana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas. Sodomy illegal in 14 states.

Fraud Alert: Read this if you have a PayPal Account

Day of Dialogue is a Day of Lies for Focus on the Family (Don't Join.) Dobson organization forgets that gay children are also God's children.

BLAAAARFENGAR: Most likely an unauthorized voice-over with Tina Fey and Betty White. FUNNY!

Unconditional Love means you will also, from time to time, suffer unconditionally.

Gays are the most targeted minority in America. Family and Christian groups added to the hate list from Southern Poverty Law Center.

Monopoly Man Goes Bankrupt.

New Law Against Loveless Marriages

Ya gotta love Tacoma, Washington! Homegrown boy named Fice covers it all: Fice - 253 -Two Five Three ( Official Video ) HD