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Getting Your Kids to Think!

By Maurice Lacunza
Fresh Parenting Strategies for the Millenium

This book helps you to acquire skills for parenting kids who are growing up in the information age. Kids are exposed to a tremendous amount of information and that can help them or hurt them. Parents can't be there every minute to tell the kid what to do. Risks and dangers are lurking around every corner and even your child's cell phone can give a stranger his/her GPS location. 

To help kids develop THINKING skills, this book helps parents raise their children in ways that PROMOTE the child to have ownership of their own problems. Eventually, kids start thinking, what happens if I do this? What happens if I do that? Successful parents set up opportunities for their kids to learn life's lessons about relationships, responsibilities and good self care. As they are learning, it is better that a child fall into your safety net while learning helpful lessons than if they wait until adult hood and then face devastati…

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