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SKY'S BIG DAY. The Day I Had to Put My Dog to Sleep.

Sky By Maurice Lacunza  I am posting this story for the sake of my friends.  He was 16 yrs old and he was suffering. I carried him everywhere. I didn't care. I would carry him upstairs and back down. Then one day,  Sky looked me in the eye and I knew...he wanted to stop suffering. I made the decision. My son Jason watched me cry for two days. He said if Sky sees you crying, he is going to think he did something wrong. Sky was faithful and loyal to you his whole life. Don't let him go out thinking he has displeased you.  Quit crying and Buck up! You can cry later.  I am so glad that I took that advice. My dog would leave this life with a happy and loving friend at his side. This is Sky's story about his Big Day Sept. 5, 2006. Today, Sky had his Big Day. Sky has a cousin It started with Sky and I laying on the floor together, on Sky's favorite rug. I told him it was going to be his Big Day! That he gets to run free without a leash and no more wearing his

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