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New York Marriage Equality has Achilles Heel That COULD VOID THE ENTIRE LAW

Gay protest signs that are quite brilliant

Local Printer in Washington refuses to print flyer for gay nightclub because it goes against their Christian morals. They said it was nothing against homosexuals. They just didn't want to promote the "lifestyle."

Senator McDonald Comes Out For Gay Marriage With Awesome Quote

Boston Catholic Church holds Mass for Gay People. Archdiocese condemns Father John.

New Domain Means New Feedburner. Sign Up For Automatic Email Today.

Kentucky swimming pool bans gays citing the Bible. I called the City of Hazard and asked if this was normal.

Christians bash gay people with the same Bible that forbids clam chowder, tattoos, and crippled people getting into your church

The Florida Family Association rented a plane and flew an anti-gay banner over Disney World.

Albert Einstein on Military Patriotism, War and Religion