Why Time Travel is Not Possible.

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By Maurice Lacunza
This cabin will breakdown and the molecules
will be scattered around the earth
I think I have a theory that proves time travel is not possible. For the serious scientific mind, it can be summed up in this statement: Time is not a place; time is a relationship. Please read more .

 Years ago, I was in a ghost town in Montana. The cabins
were slowly being absorbed by entropy back into the earth. It was an odd sight to see old cabins slowly dissolving back into their constituent components.

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Dino molecules are still here:
in the rocks, the trees, the water.
I realized that the molecules were still here... in a different form. Molecules that made up the cabin, or for that matter, DINOSAURS, would now become one with the other elements. One might become part of a tree, another washes down a creek and is eaten by an animal and becomes part of that animal, and so on.

Woman is startled by molecules
from the past that are still "here"
If you could track each molecule or atom of a dinosaur, you would find it somewhere today on the planet.  Perhaps in a rock, perhaps in a cloud, perhaps in a tree or in mud at the bottom of a lake. Matter is neither destroyed or created; it just changes form. 
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Man is trampling on
dinosaur molecules
How can you go back into time,-back into the PAST- and visit molecules that are STILL HERE TODAY -under the very feet of the VERY gravel in your sidewalk?
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Everything in the earth...
past and present,
is still HERE.

The cabin in Montana is now long gone from your ability to see it. Yet, it's constituent parts are still HERE; they have just become a part of something else. The molecules of dinosaurs or whatever else you want to go back and visit are still here...today...they just are bound up in some other form. 

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Time is the measureable relationship between
two bodies. If there were no other planetary
objects, then time would not exist at all.
It would be a constant state of "present."

If time is the relationship between two bodies, floating in space, then does it stand to reason that we could "speed up" the planetary movement to create a "future time travel?" Though technically, this wouldn't be TRAVEL per se; it would just be time; speeded up. By this logic, time couldn't be slowed down for the hope of traveling in the past. So I think physics would allow for this type of future travel, but it would by its nature not have an inverse relationship for past travel. 

Business man standing on top of the world with a briefcase
Time is a relationship.
It is not a "place."
Remember, all the while we are "traveling" it is merely to visit the same molecules that exist in the "present" of the traveler. TIME IS NOT A PLACE. IT IS A RELATIONSHIP. If it were possible to arrange the molecules to reassemble as a dinosaur, then I think you would be diving into the area of computer technology, virtual reality, and massive storage power to re-create "past" events. Thus, I don't think it is possible in this dimension that human beings with current physics can travel into the past. 


  1. An argument could be that it is a matter of dimensions. People claim to have traveled through other dimensions that are parallel to the one we currently live. If this is so, then one could most definitely travel back in time but only as a mental entity. Not physically. Deja Vu can be in this same category as well. This is interesting, and I do think you might be on to something, but never say never....right? ;)

    -Shawn Human Spawn

    1. Another dimension may have its own "time" constraints. Time may run through all the dimensions and therefore is inconsequential to travel. But Dimensional travel.. now that is something entirely exciting. Deja Vu has been thought to be the brain's ability to foresee the future and then mix up the "idea" with the reality when it occurs. Basically the brain signal arrives slightly later than the actual experience. I might have it backwards but I think the concept is correct.

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