The World Did Not End. There Is A Big Surprise. Sooo....What Are You Wearing?

By Maurice Lacunza

Sarah Dressing for the End of The World
I know that the biggest thing on most people's minds' is, "what to wear" on the last day of the world. 
The party with Dom Champagne
and plenty of home generators!
Remember a year ago when the preacher man said that God was coming to end the world? Well, my friend Sarah and I wore casual. 

Remember when the world was going to end at Y2K in 1999? Me and my friends threw a huge party with 20 bottles of Dom Champagne. 
For the End of The World,
I am drinking
organic coffee (my version of xanax)
and eating pumpkin pie. 
Moment of Zen in Montana, USA

Today do something that gives you comfort. Eat pie, shop, do whatever it is- that gives you a moment of zen. 

The end of the world is a great excuse to do something nice for yourself. Give yourself permission to pamper yourself for at least once today. Do it.