Another Way to Get Facebook Posts To Actually Post

By Maurice Lacunza

Graphic By Across the Universe: from quarks to quasars.
 It is not enough to simply click "like" to show your interest in a FaceBook fan page. To keep a motor running, you add gasoline. To keep Facebook running, you add TEXT to the comment box. The algorithm used by EdgeRank IGNORES   "like" and looks for meaningful INTERACTION by the reader. 

Thus,  you have to TYPE AND ENTER TEXT in the comment box to keep posts updated. This is why your posts aren't showing up in your friends' news feed.

Gas to an engine is
what TEXT is to Facebook

So, type YES, or Hi, or OK, or SHARING or anything you want. EdgeRank will see that you are interested in that person's page and then you will begin to receive more of their posts and stories. Right now, you are getting about 25% of what you normally get. This is fine for some people, but, if you really want to keep up to date with family and friends,
you need to INTERACT with the page; so tap a few keys and you'll be good!


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