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It's Not Your Fault

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Are You Wondering Why Your Posts and Comments AREN'T Showing Up on Facebook?

By Maurice Lacunza

Two women discussing books
"Are you even listening to me?!"
"Oh, I'm sorry.  
I have my FACE in this BOOK."
Have you wondered why your posts and comments are not showing up in FACEBOOK? They have a new ranking system called EdgeRank. It rates the clicks, shares, comments and likes that YOU initiate with your mouse. If you only read an article, or if you just read a post, then eventually Facebook decides that your lack of clicking indicates a lack of interest. 

For folks who have a blog or website, they can create a RSS Feed (for how-to, click link below)  to increase the share rate and the likelihood of reader participation.  That is an epic failure though for the rest of Facebook users.  Facebook apparently is trying to manipulate postings for either monetary gain or maybe they have space and size constraints. I can only guess why Facebook is restricting posts using this EdgeRank formula. I don't have an answer at this time for what to do. I have set up the RSS on my Facebook, so, I will update this article when I see if it is effective or not. Stay tuned.

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