Attorney General Rob McKenna opposes gay marriage in Washington state

By Maurice Lacunza
There is a possible challenger to Rob McKenna running for office of Attorney General in Washington State. Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat wrote: "In what I would argue is a far more perilous move — and a much bigger blow to anti-gay-marriage forces — Reagan Dunn on Monday also said he supports allowing gays and lesbians to marry.
Dunn is a King County Council member. His blood bleeds so Republican his mother named him after Ronald Reagan. And he's running statewide this year, to be attorney general — which means he is this state's highest-profile Republican, by far, to come out for gay marriage." Click here to read more.

Businessman and businesswoman bouncing on large balls
Rob has a pair so big that he shares them with
another non-gay person. It turns out that you
can ride his nuts all over town.
Original Story:
Quick. We need a little something about Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna. He is against the Governor Gregoire plan to legalize gay marriage. He is a born again Christian. A while back in my story about Tracy Jordan, I mentioned Rob McKenna. Now, a segue back to Rob McKenna.  He is vying to become the next governor of Washington state. 

Joe Mirabella a blogger for the Seattle PI quoted McKenna stating his views on gay marriage: "It could result in polygamy and incest. It threatens to destroy all standards we apply to the right of marriage." Rob needs to get a life. In fact, Rob, Tracy Jordan and the whole lot of them should worry about their own penis's and leave the gays alone. Civil Rights are just that: CIVIL RIGHTS.


  1. don't vote for him!

  2. In a democratic country, each is entitled to his/her own opinion. I can talk about wedding ideas for lesbians and gays openly. Same as the Attorney General, he is entitled in anything expressing his thoughts.


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