On the death of Osama bin Laden and Jerry Falwell

In regards to the recent events in Pakistan, I just want it for the record of time that cheering and celebration for the death of anyone is not a noble trait. We should be humble and contrite; lest what happened to our enemy happens to us.

And yet, as I wag my finger at you, I am quietly reminded that I secretly cheered when Jerry Falwell died. I wasn't very secret either. I blogged about it and I even sent an email to a reporter at Newsweek who was receiving flak for writing a glowing story about the dancing in the streets. I told her to not back down! Open the windows and shout it out, "The wicked witch is dead!" So, I understand the feelings of anger that can brew under the surface. Especially when we disagree with the actions of a person. But we are called to a higher standard if we claim to be loving and followers of Christ. Lay aside your cheering and ask God for mercy.

So, this post is for myself- and anyone who has an ear to hear it.

Update: Facebook Person wrote:  Why would we be loving to someone who was responsible for the deaths of thousands? Jerry Falwell, while he had some...intersting opinions...I don't think he was responsible for too many deaths?

My response: 

I am referring to the act of a loving attitude. Though the law may require a punishment, the executioner should carry it out with humbleness lest he become no better than the judged. To have malice in our heart is to potentially put us on t...he same level of hatred as those who think we are the wrong ones. Some think that the U.S. caused the deaths of thousands of people in the WMD of Iraq. I am saying we shouldn't be so hasty to rejoice; lest we be judged in the same manner. Love begets love and someone has to love first.