Gingrich Hit With Glitter while signing his book God in America. What? Newt is an expert on God? Holy Cow.

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I watched the video below of Newt getting glittered by a gay rights advocate. I noticed that he was signing his book, God in America, when it hit me: Did Newt know about the Rapture? If so, why didn't he warn America of the impending doom?

Then another thought hit me: Is Newt an expert on all things God? If that is the case, why did he divorce his first wife while she lay in a hospital bed recovering from cancer? Why did he divorce his second wife? And when will he divorce his third wife?

Also, is God down with requiring blacks (and whites too so that it looks fair) to take a history test after voting? Is God down with dividing the nation into white and colored people? Newt has made many racist remarks lately; and I kind of think that MY God in America is an equal opportunity God.

On March 28, 2011, he said that he would "slow down" the progress of gay rights in America. Gingrich was quoted in the Advocate stating to Bryan Fischer of the extremely antigay American Family Association, "I think my emphasis would be pro-classical Christianity." Classical Christianity. What on earth (and heaven) is that? There is Classic Coke and classic autos, but, what is classical Christianity? What if Americans want new Coca-Cola? What if American families want their gay sons and daughters, gay brothers and gay uncles to live their lives without legal hurdles or discriminatory laws against them? Not in Newt's classical Christianity.

If Newt Gingrich can write a book called God in America, then live a life of hypocrisy, I ask what will his fiscal and social policies look like? There is no way that this man can be President. A man who claims godly virtue, godly righteousness, a man who writes books about God, then gets married three times and supports secret racism and class segregation,  ought not to be the President.