Day of Dialogue is a Day of Lies for Focus on the Family (Don't Join.) Dobson organization forgets that gay children are also God's children.

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Despite the fancy robes and tie,
Jesus still says nothing
about the gays
Day of Silence is vilified by Focus on the Family
By Maurice Lacunza

I have been reading the Bible for years. And one thing I can tell you with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY is that Jesus never said a word about homosexuality. There are four gospels and not one of them discusses the topic of homosexuality. So, that being the case, why does James Dobson and the other anti-gay supporters want to attack gay teens? They are countering the National day of Silence with what they call the Day of Dialogue. It is a thinly veiled attempt to dilute the support of teens who are against bullying and anti-gay sentiments in their schools. Focus on the Family says the following:

"The Day of Dialogue gives you, as a student, the opportunity to express the true model presented by Jesus Christ in the Bible—who didn't back away from speaking truth, but neither held back in pouring out His incredible, compassionate love for hurting and vulnerable people. His example calls us to stand up for those being harmed or bullied while offering the light of what God's Word says. "

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Too many teens have died
because they were bullied for
being gay
This is an outright blatant lie. They are distorting the Bible by adding words that DO NOT EXIST. In fact, Jesus Christ in the Bible says to not judge one another. He was quite specific that if any of you were without sin, then you could judge. Otherwise, the mandate is to love, forgive and cherish. But it this day of radical religions, the christian fringe want you to believe that Jesus had something to say against gay people. In fact, the Day of Dialogue was created to counter AGAINST the Day of Silence. If you don't already know, the Day of Silence was a grass root effort by students to acknowledge the gay students who have died of suicide and to affirm the living.

A bully threatening a scared child
James Dobson, Focus on the Family founder,
  shown bullying someone smaller
than himself
So is it Christian for Focus on the Family to come against God's children? Is that really the loving thing to do? They want to call it a "dialogue" but they really are finding a new and clever way to bully gay students. They want an opportunity to "dialogue" about how gay students can pray away the gay because God hates gays. They want to infuse shame and pain into the gay student. Enough with James Dobson and Focus on the Family. I wish there was a petition that we could create to make a statement against these anti-gay hate groups.

I should cease to be amazed at the the anti-christian behavior of James Dobson, founder of the anti gay organization Focus on the Family. Hate has a price tag apparently because FotF has cut their budget nearly in half and have laid off hundreds of employees. This so-called christian organization has spent a lot of money coming against gays; otherwise known as God's children. Perhaps they should return to their roots and concern themselves with families and stop hating gay persons. They are your brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors, and friends. 


  1. You know if it weren't for the sexually perverted actions of the San Francisco and other gay pride parades the gay crowd would probably get more respect. I personally have several gay friends and they are great guys. The lifestyle itself though is harmful to itself and others it lures in through the efforts of the PC crowd to normalize it. AIDS still kills!
    The numbers of the gay community have increased quite a bit the past few years probably due to the dramatic increase in divorce, where is Daddy? Our sons and daughters do need a good example for what a man/dad is supposed to be and without a dad in the house where do they get it from, mom? (you are you hang with if you don't hang at home in an INTACT home).
    As per homosexuality in the Bible, it is listed several times in the Old Testament, negatively, as well as in Corinthians and Timothy. In both times it is compared to a bad vice as in thievery, drunkenness, swindlers, greed, etc, things that can be cured. Homosexuality can't produce itself, it is terminal.
    As per judging we ARE called to keep each Christian brother in line but we are to clean up our own act first, read the WHOLE verse, not just what suits you.
    In closing Jesus the Christ IS a god of mercy, hope and love. We are called to throw our problems upon Him, even homosexuality. There are lots of homosexual suicides because it isn't natural but without Christ you can't fight it, but this world hates Him. Ironically, the only source we have for our healing is the very one we spite! Jesus loves you brother, seek Him and he will come and heal you, not overnight, even Paul took about 3 years. Seek Him anyway, it's worth it!

  2. If it weren't for the laws against gay persons, we may not need a parade that you can criticize.


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