School reportedly bans song for too much Jesus. Then the parents sue and the school lets him! And then all the extreme right bloggers have a fit that "God is not allowed in the schools". This is my response:

Puhleeze. To the writer who said, "God is hurt because we left him out of the schools..." Puhleeze.
The next thing God said was, "I am no longer in control of the earth. Glen Beck is right with this one government thing. You could not carry me in the footprints on the sand, that is why there are four footprints in the sand and then just the two footprints in the sand. And then I tried a version where I hopped; that confused them! Hee hee." "Anyway, as God, I left them to walk alone in that video thing, or, I mean that poster thing of me." "Anyhooooo....I gotta run the universe...sooooo...just Praise me.


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