Prayer Line Request Form Changing the Planet to Joel Osteen

I wrote:
"I lost my church when I came out of the closet ten years ago. But I would flip the channel and the ONLY THING I could watch was Joel Osteen. I found a church, Methodist, that accepted gay people and I am a member now. I still liked listening to Joel because he inspired me. Then, I read an interview by Joel in which he stated that gayness was a sin. My heart completely fell and I feel sorrow as I write this. The other night I flipped the channel and I saw Joel. But I passed because I can't let Joel Osteen judge me when God has said that He loves me the way I am. Why can't Christians just LOVE everyone? Why do they have to condemn children of God? I am deeply sad about Joel's judgement against gay people. It is a sad day for gays."

This is the response I received when I wrote to the JO ministry:
Source Error
No relevant source lines

So what does that mean? Do they have filters that deny "negative" feedback from readers? I failed to use the correct christian lingo? I got bumped because I didn't have relevent material? It may be a techo glitch. But I have been bumped by Christian organizations before,so, I wouldn't be surprised if they filter out the not-so-in-your-face glowing narratives. Reader, you contact Joel.


  1. Joel I'm praying thIs will reach u n all the true saints I'm a lost lamb I'm praying 2 God that he will save me n keep me on my righteous path I have been under his anointing I've been told he has forgiven me of my sins!!! I confess I have lived the life of a whore just searching for someone 2 truely love me when God has loved n always will love me i pray n I ask for u Joel n the true saints 2 intercede for me as I come 2 agreement wit u for my body 2 be healed n free of my sins anything the enemy tells me or throws @ me shall not prosper n may he keep my boys safe n healthy bless my finances my home n all my family give my strength fill me with the holy spirit 2 led me 2 guide me 2 teach me 2 comfort me!!! In the mighty name of Jesus chirst !!! Bless u Joel n your family thank u for your help sometimes I feel I can't go on but I said I gotta see what the outcome is gonna be I trust in you for I know the lord is with u please help pray for me


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