Palin's Breath during Blood Libel Speech

I don't know why, but, I have this bizarre fascination with Sarah Palin. She represents everything I am afraid of for a political office holder and she lacks education and understanding of complex issues. She really is a conglomerate of every small minded idea I have ever heard of. She is like a biological  Fox News episode...full of half-truths and  fear-stirring crazy accusations that cater to the fears of the born-again Christian right.  None the less, she is to me like a train wreck or car accident; I just have to gawk at it! It is crazy! Meanwhile, someone on the Internet clipped out her breathing and made a 44 second tape out of an 8 minute clip. That is creepy. But there it is!


  1. Someday it will turn out that she has a gay daughter or something. She is a whacky person for sure.


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