Reaping What He has Sown

I published this in Salon.Com

Clint McCance responds on Anderson Cooper and Mary Elizabeth Willaims wrote an artcle:
At first I thought that it was wrong of people to post his address on Facebook.
And then I considered that society at large punishes people for wrong doing. Just recently an inmate was put to death. So on one level we justify violence against wrong doers.
I guess it comes down to how "civil" we want to be when we inflict punishment on wrong doers.
I don't approve of the threats against him but I am not losing sleep over the huge lesson that McCance and others like him might take from this event.
You should prepare for a firestorm if you say the things he said. No one is going to hide you out.


I was getting ready to harrumph put down the article writer for trying to denigrate free speech rights.
But then I read what he said, which was really pretty mean and pointless.
For once, I side with libs that this guy was going well beyond the pale.
OK, now back to fightin' liberals...

Friday, October 29, 2010 12:18 PM ET

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