Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The General Election is not valid and Ted Cruz is not natural-born in America

By Maurice Lacunza

A President must be natural-born and
 a citizen of his state for at least 14 years
There is no provision in the Constitution for a general election by the populace. Article II, Section 1 describes the electoral process for choosing a President. Amendment XII expands on the electoral process. Article XXIII gives the right to vote for electors for President without hindrance due to tax liability. Otherwise, there is no description for a general Presidential election and thus it has no legal standing.

Three balloons and a tamborine away
 from his own gay parade

Further, the author intended that the candidate be natural-born; not in a foreign country such as France or England. Canada was owned by England in 1763 and continued its ties until Canada completely become sovereign beginning in 1867 and finalized in the Canada Act of 1982- yes 1982. The safeguard was to insure that the President was a natural-born bona fide citizen, -of the new Republic. Thus Ted Cruz constitutionally is ineligible to be President. Born in Canada, he was given Canadian citizenship. Because his mother was American, he was given a secondary citizenship. However, that accreditation is not predicated on natural-born. The courts often interpret the Constitution with an eye towards an evolving citizenry, so it is hard to say what the Supreme Court would rule. My guess is that it will be an interesting legal case if Cruz is nominated for the Republican Party presidential candidate.

Monday, December 8, 2014

HR 758 Stirs UP Cold War Fear Against Russia

By Maurice Lacunza
We the People disagree with HR 758!

In regards to the recent passage of HR 758 that condemns Russia, this document lays a foundation of fear and distrust against Russia that could lead to military conflict or another cold war. Ask your Senator to speak out against House Resolution 758.  HR 758 create fear without reason;  it is dangerous and it is inflammatory. Click here to call your Senator and voice your opinion.

A cold war may be instigated by this document. It is written by elected officials under the control of corporate interests who want to take oil from the East and make money off of war. Greed masquerading as fear has no place in a modern society.

Big Money is the real problem.
 Usually these conflicts are all about money and how corporations can get more of it. Corporate leaders convince Congress that Russia is a problem. These companies say that oil, coal and gas are threatened by Russia.  They stir up non-existent problems and bring nations to war; and then the wheels of commerce grab the natural resources of those countries. We must make Russia our ALLY and not our enemy. 

Wake up America. Call your Senator and ask them to respond to this Resolution with a counter statement. In Washington state, you can call Senator Patty Murray at 202-224-2681. Tell her that the Senate should publicly chastise the House and that
HR 758 must be rebuked and discredited by the Senate.

Russian families are like you and me.

Russia is no different than you or I. We all want to put food on our tables, drive our cars, go out on weekends and spend our days and weekends with our friends. Russia is no different.
Putin is not the enemy. He is vilified so that America will be "afraid" and thus support the false flag that Russia is evil.
Americans were deceived by Iraq and now the House of Representatives want to sell you the idea that Russia is a threat.
Don't buy into it. Call your Senator today. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Government Shutdown: Eliminate Lobbyists and Create Term Limits. Toss Them All Out Every Six Years.

By Maurice Lacunza

Businesswoman on phone traveling
Congress has been very very good to me!
The U.S. government is shut down. That means that I can NOT contact my senators. My emails are bounced back as "undeliverable" and my phone calls are met with a recording that says they are shut down. How does a government of representation become unrepresentative? Do I have to get on a tractor and drive to DC?

 You can have a war in Iraq but you can't call your Senator. It is time we find a legal strategy to gut the current system and set up a system in which Congress can actually REPRESENT citizens and not special interests.
                                The core of this corrupt system serves Big Money, Big Oil and Big Pharma.

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Congress: Ew,  magic doors!
1) Congress depends on lobbying for special interests who write laws that serve their special interests only (ironically, Congress is a special interest too.) In return, the lobby group provides financial support for the congressman. Norway has a working model that serves very well. Over 50% of Congress Senators who leave office are hired as lobbyists and get twice the salary they earned as a public servant. Check out Norway.
 Solution: Eliminate lobbying.

2) Eliminate campaign donations. If Congress doesn't have to worry about where the money comes from, they can't be bought off as easily.
Solution: Taxpayer funded campaigns. 

3) Everybody wants power and control. Serving in the current Congressional environment feeds and builds that power and control.  Kick them all out every six years.  
 Solution: Term Limits of six years.

Metaphor of a fishing hook baited with a dollar bill
Come here Congress....closer!
The only way to stop the prostitution of Congress is to eliminate lobbyists, reduce term limits, and provide for equal financing of political campaigns. As long as Congress can be bought and sold, they will serve those special interests including themselves. During the shutdown, Congress EXEMPTED themselves from the "shutdown." Congress does not care about you. They care about their own selfish selves and their special interests that bank roll them.

Maybe the shutdown will produce an angry constituency that creates the same type of anger that we saw rise up with the Occupy Wallstreet/Anonymous movements. It is time though that we reign in our wild Congress and impose limits on the power and control that has been so rampantly abused.We can only hope that one day Congress will be a congress of the people, by the people and for the people.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pride Tacoma 2013: The Straights Were the Winners Today!

By Maurice Lacunza
July 13, 2013

 Today was Pride Tacoma. Interesting Fact: When the MC asked the gays in the crowd to shout out, the response was good. When he asked the straights to shout out, the place went NUTS! I was shocked at how many of our straight friends and family were there...to support the ones that they love. It goes to show you that the times are changing. And that, my dear friends, is a GOOD thing! — at Tacoma Pride Day Festival.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are You A Survivor of Ex-Gay Therapy? Read This.

Are you a reparative therapy survivor (aka conversion or ex-gay therapy) who lives in New Jersey or had your therapy sessions take place in this state?  

Are you a New Jersey medical or mental health professional who has witnessed the damage caused by so-called "ex-gay" programs?  

If so, please contact Truth Wins Out ASAP.

We'd love to hear from you so we can stop these quacks and charlatans from harming more LGBT youth. Let's put an end to this sadistic form of consumer fraud once and for all.

If you are a writer on the blogsphere, or simply use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media, please help us spread the word - we are depending on you. We all have a responsibility to protect our youth from predators disguised as "ex-gay" doctors.

Contact: wbesen@truthwinsout.org

Monday, April 1, 2013

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

By Maurice Lacunza

 Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

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Gays Go Boom
According to the leader of the the Southern Baptist Convention, Fred Luter, North Korea leader Kim Jong-un is aiming missiles because of the recent gay marriage support across America. (BTW, the irony of missile obsession is not lost on me.) He said, "Could our slide into immorality be what is unleashing this mad man over here in Asia to punish us?”

As I look back in time, in my own life, I see that I have often used religion to explain why bad things have happened and also why good things have happened to me. I came to see that mankind in general needs an answer to explain why things happen to us. The alternative is to accept that life doles out random events and sometimes it is the throw of dice that determines your fate.

Whatever We Believe, Is What God Becomes

You Are What You Believe
As I considered the statement of Fred Luter, I was a bit offended that he could make such a huge leap of logic. But then I stopped and considered who he is, where he came from, the belief systems supported by his peer group and the teachings of his religion. Luter believes in an Old Testament God of hellfire and brimstone.  It only makes sense that he would need an explanation to understand why a madman would aim nuclear missiles at America. Clearly God is punishing us; according to his guilt based understanding of religion. The truth is harder to accept however. The fact is, there are crazy self serving dictators in the world and they do crazy things because they can. 

An Angry God Punishes, And A Loving God Loves. Which God do you believe in?

Don't Make Me Feed You!
Does God really want to punish America just because the people have decided to accept and love their brothers and sisters who are gay? Does a loving God really do that? No. But an angry God would. And that is what we have here: an angry God which is an extension of what Fred Luter believes. And each of us have our own version of God, whatever we believe is what God becomes.  For Fred, he believes in a God who punishes. He can't make sense of senseless acts, so, he turns to God. And his God punishes; thus, he has an answer for unanswerable actions. It is the nature of humans to explain why things happen.
Times Square in blur motion
Time. Reveals Everything.

 The March of Time Reveals All

For some of us, the march of time reveals that chance and fate are often the real reasons behind untimely events. Not to say that God doesn't intervene. That is probably true. But I think a reasonable person could assume that nuclear warfare is not a punishment from God for supporting and loving gay people.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

Time Travel To the Future: Maybe- But You Won't Be Able To Come Back.

By Maurice Lacunza
with Kathleen A. Peterson

The molecules of this DECAYING cabin
are STILL to be found in other forms such as
rocks, trees or just dirt.  If you barcoded them,
you could find them 1000 years from now.
In my previous article about time travel, I discussed why time travel to the past was an unlikely possibility. BUT WHAT ABOUT FUTURE TRAVEL? First, Einstein said that matter (energy) is neither created nor destroyed; it merely changes form. Thus, the molecules that composed various "past" things such as dinosaurs for example, would not be found in the past because those molecules are STILL HERE. They merely  changed into other forms: rocks, fish food, trees, air, dirt, etc. If it were possible to bar code each molecule, you could track its journey through the passage of time. At every point along the way, those molecules are still here.

So. You can't go back into the past and visit something that is currently in the Present. By this logic, everything is in a constant state of Present. So, if there isn't a Past per se, Is there a Future?

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Where ever you stop,
is where you stay. You aren't
actually traveling; you are
speeding up your state of Present.
If time can't go backwards, can it go forward? To me, that seems logical. The Future, technically, would still be a version of the Present.
KATHLEEN PETERSON said that if that is so, therefore speeding up time would bring your Present to you quicker. However she realized that where ever you stop, is where you stay. This is a significant observation. You aren't actually traveling to the Future. You are still in your state of Present; just faster. That means that you can't go back. Your new future is your now current state of Present.

machines,science fiction,sciences,spacecrafts,technologies,time machines,time travel,transportation
Time Travel is a conceptual relationship
between two objects. If the universe only had
one object, there would be nothing
to compare to; thus time couldn't exist at all.
We tend to think of time as a linear process in which we start at point A and end at point B. But it isn't like that. Everything that ever existed is still here on this planet and all other celestial bodies- in some form or another. We can slow down our perceived notion of time but we can't reverse it. It is my position that to reverse time backwards would cause the entire universe to transform all of its matter in a colossal upheaval which would cause planets to deconstruct and revert to the elements of stars. The whole thing is mind boggling to a degree until you grasp the notion that all matter exists in a constant state of Present. Matter may change form, but it still exists- even though it changes form,  it is still Present. To reverse any part of it, would have a causal affect on ALL of it. For now, if you travel into the FUTURE, where ever you stopped, will be where you stay. 

Concepts by: Maurice Lacunza and Kathleen Lacunza