Seattle Pastor Mark Driscoll says masturbating in a mirror can make you gay

Airman in Germany Tells His Mom that he is Gay

Family Research Council calls military gays a pool of tainted HIV blood

Military accepts gays and won't repeal DADT

New York Marriage Equality has Achilles Heel That COULD VOID THE ENTIRE LAW

Christians bash gays with same bible that forbids clam chowder

Tina Fey blasts Tracy Morgan over remark that he would kill his gay son

Gay sex is a Class Six Felony in Virginia. Uproar over gay rainbow flag

Catholics blame the gays for priests molesting children

Tennessee story about businesses not protecting gay citizens

Tennessee legalizes gay discrimination and protects horses

Tennessee bans gays and chickens

New Hampshire Republican Tea Baggers say gay is ok

No snow job for you! gay sex still illegal

Focus on the Family vilifies Day of Silence

SPLC identifies gays as most violent targeted minority in minority

Is homosexuality an Abomination? A look at the interpretation of the Bible

Was C.S. Lewis a closeted gay man?

Gay bashing is personal. Tired of riding at the back of the Christian bus

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