How to avoid talking to anyone you don't want to talk to

John Lithgow gives Newt Gingrich press release a dramatic reading

Asteroid to Fly by the Earth in 2036

Google Chrome: It Gets Better

Queen: Bohemian rapsody

Totally Useless Box that gets mad at you

Taking Jesus out of the Egg

Lady Gaga honored by Wierd Al with Perform this Way

Blaaarfengar: Tina Fey Betty White and some white guy...very funny!

Senator Alan Simpson speaks against Republican homophobes

Bill Maher tells Obama to support gay marriage

Southern Poverty Law Center identifies Christian hate groups

Christian Broadcast Network Pats themselves on the back

Monopoly Man Goes Bankrupt

The real unemployment in America

Bill Maher's tribute to Jerry Falwell. Funny but real.

Love letters to carbohydrates

Prayers for Bobby movie clip. Stirring.

VGL Boys: The Fly. this is FUNNY

Dick Sucking Eddy Long and Cadillac Kim

The book of Leviticus for the reality of it all

Jimmy Swaggart shows no love at all

Cannabis Oil as a cure for cancer

First United Methodist Church It Gets Better Video

Doritos gay Superbowl sauna ad

Funny low budget "housecleaning service" ad

gay Mcdonalds in France

Gay Pepsi Ad

Tacoma local homeboy Fice

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

Sarah Palin's Breath

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