SpreadingSantorum.com should be viewed in case ex-Senator Santorum decides to run for President

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Rick Santorum is a Republican Senator who compared gay marriage to incest and sex with animals. He is not very nice towards the gay community. Eventually the editor of The Stranger, Dan Savage, ran a contest to find an equally disgusting definition for the word Santorum. The winner was: Santorum; that frothy mixture of anal matter and lube that occurs after anal sex.

The response was overwhelming and quite successful. To this day, there are over 13,000 links to the Dan Savage website, spreadingsantorum.com. Rick Santorum has publicly complained that this website is a public relations nightmare. Savage offered to take it down if Santorum would donate money to the pro-gay marriage campaign. Santorum refuses. It is interesting to note that Rick Santorum's own website has only 5,000 links. Lets help keep the Dan Savage website in the top two search results by clicking the link:


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