Monday, June 13, 2016

Islam IS NOT The New Black. Assault Rifles Should Not Be a "Right."

100 people were shot and 50 people died in Orlando, Florida yesterday at a gay nightclub. Update: we learned today that the shooter was gay himself. This puts the story below into a deeper meaning. Coupled with mental health issues, the shooter's culture and religion contributed to his self loathing and contempt. 

Would you rather 3 dead children
or 20 dead children and 6 teachers?
I heard the Presumptive Democratic Nominee talking about her plan to address  "Individualized Islamic Terrorism."  This isn't about Islam. It is about homophobia and the availability of assault rifles.  The killer was born in America and raised on right-wing anti-gay Christian propaganda. Let me point out that the killer douchebag's father said his son didn't like seeing two men kiss. This mass murder is about homophobia. 

Therefore, We should be talking about the right-wing efforts of fake Christian leaders who spread fear by writing laws targeting transgendered and gay persons. This attack was by a guy who hates gays. 

Why can't BOTH be brave? 
This meme is an example of verbal contempt against gays.
The writer is "OK" with letting gays getting married, but
total freedom? Outrageous and disrespectful.
Florida Bishop Robert Lynch in the Washington Post said "sadly it is religion, including our own, that targets, mostly verbally, and often breeds contempt for gays...these verbal attacks on LGBT men and women often plant the seed of contempt, then hatred, which can ultimately lead to violence."

Islam IS NOT The New Black.

This Just In: 3,000 years ago,
men cannot shave their faces
Religious teachings from 3,000 years ago are at the root of most homophobic behavior and beliefs. Though all religions teach love and compassion, zealous leaders gain power by using ancient cultural references out of context. They promote fear and judgement over love, mercy, compassion and generosity. These pastors, leaders, teachers and politicians are serving themselves for money, votes and power. For example, America has become obsessed about bathrooms. They are afraid of trans-gendered people which is just another version of homophobia.

Just put your name here and
you should hear back from us
in about 200 years or so
This next sentence may be hard to hear, but We must accept the fact that ASSAULT RIFLES are actually designed for killing people. They are not for hunting and getting your Elk this year. You can sign a petition,  sponsored by Or you can talk about it and you can make your voice heard. Lets get rid of just one type of gun: the automatic assault weapon designed to kill people. 

It's up to us to decide which century and what kind of society we want to live in. 


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  2. The 2nd Amendment was written to guarantee that all Americans have the right to bear arms not for hunting but to defend this nation from enemies both foreign and domestic. We cannot depend on our military or law enforcement to do it because they are controlled by the government who can become our domestic enemy. The problem lies with people who believe in solving their problems with violence. The gun isn't the only way a person can kill another but an unarmed America can be dominated with little or no resistance. Once freedom is lost, it may never be regained.

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